100 Cal Snacks

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  1. Has anybody had the hostess 100 cal cupcakes. Definitely a good treat to reward yourself with now and again. It's all about portion control.
  2. i really like fiber 1 bars - they're 120 calories, but they have 9 grams of fiber apiece, so they're quite satisfying. plus the chocolate is REALLY good, not like typical granola bar chocolate at all.
  3. I haven't tried them but want to...I take the 100 calorie packs of Ritz or Cheese Nips when I go to school and need to quickly eat something in between classes. I knew I should have scheduled them so I had more than 15 mins. between each one but stupid me, I didn't. So from 8am to 2pm, I barely have any time to eat anything.
    Another thing I like though are those Special K chocolate and vanilla drizzle bars. They're SO good.
  4. Haven't tried them but I see the adverts in the fashion mags and celebrity mags.
    I can say that the oreo ones are wonderful!
  5. A banana is wonderful!
    A yoghurt is wonderful!
    A peach
    an apple...
  6. oh most definitely! But if you want a treat the hostess 100 cal packs are good. You aren't having that much to begin with and it is easy to keep track of how many calories you are consuming.
  7. mmmm the 100 cal oreos are yummy! i need to buy a box to keep at work.
  8. 100 cal oreo's? I need them!!!!

    I eat a lot muller light yogurts that are only 105 calories each, and bags of Quavers that are only about 95 calories a bag, yum!
  9. 100 cal oreos sound good too!

    Oh forgot to mention my favorite flavor......The Carrot Cake 100 cal hostess packs are super tasty!
  10. Here in Italy we have specialK bas 85 kcal!:yes::drool:
  11. knowing me i'll finish that 100 cal oreo box in like two days lol

    60 cal light n fit yogurts are pretty good too
  12. 90 calorie snack pack rice cakes are really good, they are drizzled with chocolate I would definetely recommend them
  13. ooh that sounds yummy!
  14. Are the oreos youre talking about the crappy oreo crisps? if they are, i think theyre a poor replica of an oreo. yuck.
  15. I must try them. I've been having the 90 calorie snacks from special K.