100% Authentic Gorgeous JC Bag - AWESOME BARGIN!!!

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  1. Cute bag!
  2. this can't be real??
  3. Yes Guccidiva,
    I know it hard for EVEN you to believe.:wtf:
    But unlike "The Wet Electric Blue Mahala" that you keep seeing in your dreams this one is very real and AUTENTIC!:tup:

    Maybe you should buy it so you will have a REAL JIMMY CHOO:choochoo: in your Colection instead of a FAKE Wet Electric Blue Mahala JIMMY FOO'.
    Just a thought!:tup:

  4. Totally 100% authentic bag from a WONDERFUL PF'r :tup:
  5. You guys rock!:smooch:
  6. I love the bag......

    I will probably wake up tomorrow morning still thinking about it.

  7. :confused1: am I missing something? Why are you being so rude?
  8. ^^Ditto...a bit harsh. It seems to me guccidiva is a newbie to JC and was perhaps only curious to the low price for a JC. :shrugs:

    But as Robynbenz said, the bag is definitely authentic and offered from a vunderbar pf member! :hugs:
  9. In yyz's defense, I think if you look at some of the other threads in this forum, there have been some not nice things said about some of the Choo ladies' bags, mine included, by this poster and the only bag touted as great is a $172 fake.

    If you don't like Choo, don't post in the Choo forum. I think Matt was just echoing some of the frustration some of us have been feeling towards the constant snide remarks and put downs on our beloved Choo bags.

    I haven't said anything because my momma said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything, but I see where yyz was coming from.
  10. Well, I know that NOW! :Push: But what....you guys were too busy shopping to send around a memo to let those of us that are maybe a bit out of the loop in on what's going on (thanks Matt!)? ;)

    I just read a few of guccidivas more recent posts (painted soles and all), and well, is my face red! Yep....CL red! :P

    But you know what they say....you can fool some of the people some of the time but as someone who truly thought that if you took your latest ECG results into saks you would get a discount (still haven't forgiven Jburgh for that one), you can only fool Stinkerbelle once....twice tops! :rolleyes:
  11. Same here Stinker!! So.. thanks too Matt. Some of us here "may" be quiet but we are here. Always here. :tup:

    Oh my gosh, those threads were just so... interesting. Definitely not a very sweet music to some people's ears. :hrmm:
  12. Ditto Matt...you Rock!:ty:
  13. here's the thing though. . . we don't like our members going vigilante on us.
    We need to handle issues instead of you guys. If someone is behaving questionably, report them, don't create more drama please.