100% AUTH Balenciaga TURQUOISE City Medium Bag ~ RARE!!

  1. it's beautiful! :heart: :heart:
    I want it !! I want it !
  2. ^Go for it, Myriamrees! It's such a gorgeous and vibrant color!
  3. it's not a teal.. it's a turqoise 2005..
  4. Yes, you're right; it's the 05 turquoise. Don't know what's wrong with me; I keep posting with the wrong details :sad:
  5. Beautiful bag!!!
  6. OMG. It is gorgeous! MY DREAM bag. :heart: :heart: :yahoo:But I wonder what that white stain is. Do you think it will be easy to clean off?
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhh :nuts: . . . it's also MY dream bag (I'd like this color in the hobo style) :yahoo: :drool: !!! OMG .... :hysteric:
  8. I wonder if it is a stain, or a bleaching of the dye? The price seems high to me considering the appearance of the bag.:yes:
  9. I wasn't sure either. I think I might pass this one up and pray for another one to be listed. If it wasn't for the white spots, I'd BIN in a second! I think I'm too anal about my bags to even try to overlook them! :lol:
  10. It is a beautiful color but I really think it needs some TLC. It looks like some of the spots might come off, but I don't know about all of them. Do the handles look dirty to you??
  11. I'm a bit anal as well. I love the colour but I know if I buy it, all I'd see when I got it would be the white stain.
  12. for this price i think you can find one in much better condition