$100,000 Worth of Handbags Stolen From Chanel Store

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
  2. Watching the news tonight and on Newbury Street in Boston they said that thieves stole a bunch of bags and ran out of the Chanel store. I live in Boston and this is crazy I think they said this happened during the day and it's scary. It makes me think twice about carrying my Chanel especially since was I carrying mine on Newbury Street, Copley mall last weekend. And I carry LV too so maybe I should be carrying my other designer bags that are much less noticeable. I work in downtown Boston I'm always on Newbury Street and downtown. Not good.. :sad:
  3. Hmm.. Inside job? How the heck were 4 thieves without a weapon able to carry out 45 handbags and walk out?? Do stores even have 45 bags on display? The bags from the back are stored in boxes so it couldn't have been easy for the thieves to stack up that many boxes and mosey on out of the store.
  4. what!? thats crazy! If you didnt have a link attatched to this i would have said it was a lie! I live in melbourne,Aus and they have security on both ends of the chanel store i go to and its a tiny boutique and the bags have security locks on to attach them to the shelves!
  5. they must have connection with someone from inside. come on, 45 bags in daylight ???:thinking:
  6. Two years ago the LV store in Boston was hit they said on the news tonight which may have by the same possible thieves.. Scary..
    Well I go to that Chanel on Newbury Street and there is a security guard at the entrance of the store so it's kind of surprising..
  7. Desperate people out there unfortunately with the economy..I guess we all have to be more aware of our surroundings and of people around us even on Newbury Street these days.
  8. how can this happen??? what was the security guards doing??? I'm in oz and here we have a guy at the store doors and others inside the store. I just don't understand how this can happen
  9. Hahah at least we get to see the Chanel store's inventory! :P
  10. that's insane! sounds like an inside job.
  11. Terrible!
  12. My goodness, that's INSANE
  13. horrible
  14. That's scary. I agree, seems a little suspicious...someone on the inside isn't too farfetched!
  15. :O Reminds me of what happened at the Apple store. But at least that was at night....