10 years only?

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  1. I got a vintage Randonee from an antique auction and wanted to get the straps changed because it had a few cracks. I went up to the store and my SA said that they cannot accept any bags thats 10 yrs or older. That sounds strange because it was the first time I heard anything about it:shrugs:. Is it true though :confused1:
  2. Go to www.louisvuitton.com and then to the SERVICES section and then under About Leather Goods Services -> Leather Goods FAQ and you will find your answer.
  3. Unless I am missing it (in the USA section), I don't read anything that says there is an age limit?
  4. I don't think its an age limit. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they can fix anything that is discontinued...
  5. It most likely due to the "it had a few cracks" ... as that LV will not repair anything if there are cracks. And I believe the Randonnée is no longer made (don't quote me on this though), so that would fall under the discontinued portion.
  6. thanks macska, now I get it. Time frames are clearly stated, hard sided luggage=no limit, soft luggage and briefcases=15yrs, small leather goods and bags=10yrs, louis vuitton cup leather goods=5 yrs and seasonal bags are 3 yrs. I guess this is something to keep in mind when purchasing Vuitton.
  7. thats sucks, i thought there is no limit on changing straps , thats really really sucks!
  8. Well, depending on what kind of strap - like the ones that you can take off (i.e. on small bucket, etc.) - you can probably buy those
  9. I am not aware with luggages but 10 years is what I have been told for bags.
  10. I think ten years is reasonable.