10 year old Shrug reveal....

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  1. After seeing Indiana's '05 caramel Shrug I was instantly smitten! Here is my '06 Ink Shrug. I've just cleaned her up, as you can see there is some wear on the handles that I'll touch up soon. This bag is so beautiful to me, the perfect size and so easy to carry. I like how it sits up higher as I find it annoying to have a bag bumping against me as I walk and this one can't do that.....:cloud9::loveeyes::heart::love:

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  2. Oh that is just gorgeous! Congratulations! Ink is one of Bal's best colors IMO. I started being a Bal fan back in 2005 so these oldies speak to me :heart:
  3. Thank you so much redney, it's a lovely color!
  4. Amazing colour!!!!!
  5. TY mimikins!
  6. It's absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats indeed :smile:
  7. Thank you! So happy with this bag!
  8. Mod shot? I'd love to see how it looks on you!
  9. Wow I've never seen this style before! Love the color
  10. Congrats on this beauty! Enjoy!!
  11. She's utterly beautiful, Alansgail. Shrug is such a carefree style, so... SHRUGGY! Hope you have great times together!
  12. Thanks so much to all you supportive ladies! I'll post some mod shots when I can, busy day ahead but hopefully can fit that in:smile:
  13. Alright, was able to sneak these in before my oven repair man gets here! I'm terrible at mod shots so please excuse the poor quality. I'm 5'4" tall.

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  14. Beautiful style and yes, one of the best Bal color ever!:loveeyes:
    Looks great on you, sincerelly!!:smile:

    I have a city in Ink and will keep it forever, it's such a wonderful mutant color, Many congrats on your stunning keeper, great and rare faind, enjoy it!;)
  15. You're right, it does hang really nicely, thanks for the mod shots!