10-year-old certified veterinary assistant with College Degree

  1. This is REALLY interesting! Good for her, she is like Dougie Houser, M.D.

    Video found HERE at CNN.
  2. [​IMG]

    WOW! She speaks so eloquently and seems so mature! I am very very impressed. I loved this pic of her, its so cute!
  3. whoa thats crazy. makes me feel like a failure.
  4. That is so amazing.
  5. she's adorable!! i was running around in dirt, climbing trees, and riding bikes with the neighborhood boys when i was 10 yrs old! she's amazing, and i see a bright future for her. :smile:
  6. This is amazing.. but I wonder if she will miss out on the "childhood" things because she's so grown up and working already.
  7. It is very very good for her... but i do hope you find time to do what kids do..
  8. Because Kid will always be a kid....
  9. Stupid me... posted this in the wrong section. Let me move it :doh:
  10. wow! That's insane! She's obviously very bright, but I'm glad she's the assistant and not the vet! haha
  11. is it just me or are there more and more of these super-brainy-kids nowadays? if my memory serves me right (oh the irony!) a 9 year old was accepted into med-school in China just a few months ago and a 14 year old was accepted for the same thing in Hong Kong.
  12. wow! thats great. but she is way to young to start a profession.

    if I was her mother, I would allow her to get her degrees. but then she can enjoy the rest of her youth enjoying her childhood. that is very important.

    then when she is older she can start working.
  13. I was thinking the same!
    But it's still amazing though. Inspiring!
  14. lol that is pretty crazy... i hope she still goes through all of high school and college. kids shouldn't miss out on that. it's part of life!!
  15. hmm, i don't know about that. seems mighty unfair to limit a child, a person in such a way. just like some of us are late bloomers, some of us are early. we need to let people be who they are....obviously, this girl is just very bright and developed intellectually very early. :smile: