10 year anni gift decision!! Instant reveal!!

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  1. the votes pointed towards the love bracelet so this is my guess :biggrin:
  2. VCA 5 motif?

  3. Cartier!
  4. Love bracelet!! :yahoo:

  5. #6 Sep 23, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
    I decided that I should get something more "wearable" for every day, and thought diamonds might be a bit much. Possibly later as a layering piece. I went yesterday with the hubby to go visit VCA and Cartier on 5th avenue.

    While I really loved the VCA clover design too, I thought the RG wasn't pink enough for my taste. RG is tricky and differs from place to place based on the composition I guess. I thought the VCA RG was a little yellow for my taste. They would also need to shorten it for me because my wrist is small and I wasn't sure about what that would do to the value. I am unlikely to resell, but just as an option. The VCA SA was really sweet, but a little loopy lol. She told me that it was $2,500 and that the Carnelian one I also asked to look at was only $100 more. I knew that the real price was actually $3,700 and the Carnelian one was around $1,000 more. She shocked herself when she looked it up!

    The Cartier love bracelet just feels right. I like bangles also better than bracelets I think. It's also just the right shade of pink IMO, although kind of changes depending on the lighting. I am a size 16. One thing that put me off slightly but I didn't let it bother me, was when the SA asked me to fill out my information on the card. Under Nationality, I put USA as I was thinking citizenship, given many tourists come shop at Cartier and need tax forms. But when he put my information into the computer from the card I filled out, he said "Nationality - are you Chinese?" To which, I said yes...Chinese-American. :confused1: Not sure why that was relevant.

    Hubby is pleased that I am happy with my bracelet...even though I chose the most expensive one of them all lol! He's not into brands or the "marketing" aspect as he says of the "Love bracelet" (he calls it a love shackle because it can't come off), but he loves that I love it. :heart:

    Thanks for letting me share!!
  6. It is very pretty, congrats!
  7. A few more pics in different lighting:



    Looks kind of YG in this light:

    And looks kind of WG in this light:
  8. And a random pic of my nails since I got them done today. Was sort of inspired by seashells' mother of pearl effect.

  9. Beautiful :smile: Although I really feel colour-blind :S The first and 2nd picture both look like rose gold, but then again I have to stare at my trinity ring up-close to realize that there are 3 gold colours :S
  10. Ha I know. In different lighting, it looks RG, WG, or YG lol. It was also hard to capture in the photos. My camera kept picking up more of a bluish tone, making it look more WG.
  11. love it! congratulations!
  12. Congrats! Looks great and SOO pretty when shiny and new! Enjoy!
  13. Congrats and happy anniversary.
  14. It's so beautiful! Happy anniversary and enjoy your new bracelet!!