10 Things to Never Divulge on a First Date

  1. (While waiting for The Purse Forum to come back up, I stumbled across this. I thought it was funny.)

    10 things to never divulge on a first date

    By Alan Goldsher

    Sumptuous food and a delectable bottle of wine. She looks great in her little black dress. You haven't sweat through your suit jacket yet. All in all, things are going pretty damn well. In fact, this is the best first date you've had in recent memory.

    As the evening progresses, you begin to feel more at ease with her. She tells you some interesting personal info, and you find yourself compelled to respond in kind. You tell her about your first goal in the under elevens football team. You tell her about your brothers and sisters, your favourite meals, movies, and music. But then you bought up how your ex hated drum and bass music, how she refused to listen to it, and that you two fought constantly about it.

    Other than that, Date #1 went incredibly well. But — and this is a big but — you freaked her out with the ex talk. All of which means you're probably not getting to Date #2.

    When the vibe is right, there's no doubt it can be difficult to keep from blurting out some embarrassing incident or disclosing some personal quirk. And while some events or idiosyncrasies are kind of cute and endearing, there are certain things that, for the time being, are best left unsaid.

    1. Do not tell her how many girls you’ve slept with! Whether the number is one, 11 or 111, this is information that should be saved for a later time. A much later time.

    2. Do not tell her about the time you got arrested for indecent exposure!

    Hold off all discussions of your criminal record until at least Date #3.

    3. Do not tell her about the time you watched television for 72 hours straight!
    She'll probably find out about your couch potato-ness soon enough.

    4. Do not tell her about the time you snogged your sexy third cousin!
    Ok, the cousin might not have been a blood relation, but your date will nonetheless find the whole thing extremely gross.

    5. Do not tell her your Area 51 theories!

    Also, it'd probably be best to not mention your obsession with the Kennedy assassination.

    6. Do not tell her she looks good enough to eat!
    That line stinks on so many levels.

    7. Do not tell her your salary!
    Talking about money too early is a lose/lose proposition.

    8. Do not tell her about your porn stash!

    9. Do not tell her about your college trip to Amsterdam!
    Also self-explanatory. </B>

    10. Do not tell her about your imaginary friend!
  2. :roflmfao: hahahah brilliant

    As a 30 something singlie I can think of way more than 10 things not to divulge on a first date.

    I'll start it off

    1. How much your ex earned. £45,000.00. Potential to make him feel he can't treat you in the manner which you have become accustomed, or you've just wasted 3 yrs on a loser in a dead end job.
  3. It is probably not really necessary for a lady to discuss just how many pairs of shoes or purses she owns, and certainly not how many she wishes she had!
  4. No I think you should be honest & tell him about handbag obsession, if he looks shocked, then run, don't even stay for dessert :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. 2. I wouldn't even talk about ex's at all. Wait till they know you better.

    3. Don't even think about bringing up that you appear in a "Girls Gone Wild" video!
  6. How about not saying anything about how much you hate your job/boss/neighbor etc. or how 'misserable' your life is.
  7. And if he know's his Choo's from his Be & D maybe we shouldn't even be out on a date :roflmfao:
  8. OMG, my sis is dating a guy right now who happens to have the same name as her ex that she dated for like 6 or 7 years and she talks about her EX ALL THE TIME in front of her new man that I think she's been with for a year! It irritates me so I can only imagine what her new man must think!
  9. LOL! I think I have read this stuff from friendster before! Funny!
  10. :roflmfao: Thanks for posting!!!
  11. ah, man...who hasn't snogged their sexy third cousin???
  12. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    i think 1st dates should steer clear of saying things we dislike too. just for laugh on my 1st date with my ex-bf (i.e. current hubby :p ) he was so sweet that he got me a small bear with my initial. before he gave me the bear somehow i was saying things like "bears are useless gift". u can see how his face changes immediately and i was really feeling sorry :shame: about what i said.
  13. Whoa! Now that is awkward! But you must have redeemed yourself pretty sucessfully, he married you anyway! ;)

    And BTW, I must confess that I am also irrationally but definitively anti-bear. Give me an elephant, give me a penguin, give me a fluffy bunny rabbit. But bears have just been done to death.
  14. he :heart: me more than the bear so he marry me hahaha :roflmfao:. anyway just for record that bear is the only bear he has ever bought for me and we still kept it in good condition :smile:.