10+ Things I hate about You. You have some too?

  1. I'm feeling VERY frustrated and I just need to get these things out. When I used to go to counseling, my therapist used to have me write these things out, without using the person's name. :cursing: The whole point of this is just to get all of your frustrations out, no matter how ridiculous they are. No need to read into things or be critical. We've all got these types of thoughts inside of us!

    You frustrated too? Feel free to join in!

    1. I hate the way that you always laugh. Some things aren't always funny.

    2. I hate how you can't mind your own business. If I wanted your help, I would ask for it. Stay the f*** out of my business.

    3. I can't stand how you treat me like a child, and call me "kindchen". I'm not a child. I'm 21 years old. STFU.

    4. I hate your glasses. Sorry, that's pathetic. I do hate them though. THey make you look stupid.

    5. I hate how you talk down to me. Yes, I may not have mastered the German language yet - but that is no reason to talk to me like a child like I can't understand you.

    6. I hate how judgemental you are. Yes, I have some extra meat on my bones. This does not give you the right to look at me crooked when I drink a soda instead of water. Again, mind your own business.

    7. I heard it the first time.

    8. I hate how you never shut your mouth. You're always talking. And if you take a second to breathe, and I start talking - you interrupt me. BE QUIET!!!! :cursing:

    9. I can't stand the way that you dress. You wear your jeans up to your neck, you look like you're waiting for the great flood to come, and your shirts are 10 sizes too big. You look like a clown.

    10. I hate the fact that everyone doesn't understand why I don't like you. Sure, they get aggrivated by you too, but they don't get why I snap at you sometimes. Sure, maybe I don't understand at times either...But if you'd just shut your mouth and maybe use a little bit of common sense once in a while instead of always insisting that you're RIGHT - maybe I would like you better.

    11. I hate the fact that you've got tons of money and when you die I'm probably going to inherit some of it. Yes, I overheard you when you were talking to my grandmother about your will. I overheard how much money you've got in the bank and who its going to go to.


    I feel much better now :smile:
  2. ...wait, I've got some more to add:

    12. You know that little 'diary' that you keep in short hand in Oma's china cabinet when you're here? Iv'e always wanted to throw it away, just to piss you off after you've pissed me off.

    Okay, I'md one!
  3. Oh my!!!!!!! It seems you feel good already!!!!!!!!!! Nope, right now I am not frustrated thank God.
  4. this is a great idea! i've got some frustration to work out, definately.

    1. i hate that, after we got off to a really great start, you suddenly have disappeared from my life, and we're not close enough for me to initiate the 'what's up with us?' conversation without feeling like a whiny girl.

    2. i hate that i now don't know how the hell i'm supposed to act around you when i see you at work

    3. i hate that i have to see you at work almost every day and feel awkward.

    4. i hate that you sometimes wear those awful shirts with the quasi-clever sayings on them. those are for dorky high schoolers, not those with two college degrees.

    5. i hate that you stay up too late and come in to work with raccoon eyes. you look like an ass. get some sleep.

    6. i hate that i have to initiate all of our interactions all of a sudden

    7. i hate that i am the smarter, better looking, more social person in this whole thing and yet YOU are the one giving ME the brush-off

    8. i hate that you can't just grow some balls and have the mature "this isn't going where i want it to, can we just be friends?" conversation with me instead of just pretending like you've forgotten that i exist (because just being friends would be TOTALLY fine with me).

    9. i hate not really knowing if you've lost interest in me or if you're just going through a rough time.

    10. i hate that your behavior toward me changed out of nowhere - not after a bad date, or after a fight, or after anything significant. just one day you acted different, so i have no idea what's going on.

    oooo man i want to hit him in the face.
  5. Good job!! :smile: Sometimes it just feels really good to get these things out in the open! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. My "you" will be here until Sunday, so hopeuflly I won't have to add more to my list! lol
  6. i hope everything goes well with you and your person until they leave! i'm stuck with mine at work, and i think he'll be there today when i go, so wish me luck and give me strength to not stab him in the neck with a pen when i see him. grrr.
  7. 1. I HATE HATE HATE that you act as if I am stupid because I have big boobs and like shoes and purses

    2. I hate that you and your little cadre of skinny little marathon running assistants make me FEEL stupid when I have a wall full of diplomas that say otherwise

    3. I hate your condescending manner of speaking & they way that you look as if you would like to say out loud that you think I am a moron for asking that

    4. I hate that it bothers me when you do not respond to my emails or phone calls, I know it is not personal, but it still feels as if it is
  8. Amanda, you are hilarious -- and sounds like we need to have a conversation soon!

    1. I wish you would stop knocking glasses, ceramics, etc. over just for fun.
    2. I wish you would grow thumbs so you could clean your own litterbox. Why do you poo so much?
    3. I wish you would not claw my parents' drapery because when Mom comes home she's gonna be pissed and I'll have to stick up for you. Good thing we'll be hiding out in another state.

    Alright, that's about all I can squeeze out.
  9. hehe, IntlSet :smile: I think yours is pretty easy to figure out!

    ANd yes, if I had one, I would want them to do #2!
  10. oooh this looks like fun

    1. I hate how your such a spastic perfectionist.
    2. No, there is no way I can get to the car without walking on the grass.
    3. Why am I only your friend when your other friends aren't around?
    4. Why are you trying to dress like me and Tara? Same bag...same jeans...grrrrr
    5. I wish you would stop giving me things you find at garage sales.

    thanks...i feel better.

    Edit: I hate how you use a shopping bag as your school bag! cheapo!
  11. 1. I wish you didn't do the things you did to me. Have you no idea how much this hurts your son to know what you did to me?
    2. I wish you wouldn't assume that I am jealous of you and want to sabotage you. I guess you don't know me at all.
    3. I hate it that I don't and will never think I am good enough for you.
  12. 11. i hate that now that now that i've finally gotten my answer, the answer was the you're not interested. usually i at least get the opportunity to screw things up before a guy tells me that.

    12. i hate that you asked me to wait for you for a month while you sorted things out for yourself, and i agreed and followed through and tried to be your friend, and after that, you didn't even give me a fair shot before brushing me off.

    13. i hate that you're just another person on the long list of people that don't think i'm good enough.

    14. i hate that i have to go in to work tomorow and see you and pretend that you didn't just seriously hurt my feelings.

    15. i hate that it was supposed to be me doing all of this to you, and i'm still the one getting hurt.

    sorry for the emotional post, y'all. i don't have anyone else to vent to at this hour.
  13. Ohhhh I could do this:
    1. I hate the way you always say "whenever" in a sentence like "well whenever we would go here" or "well whenever I was doing this" ARG shut up!

    2. I hate the way you always place your hands palms up when you are talking

    3. I hate that you are always butting into my conversations and talking over me. SHUT UP! I'm trying to have a conversation with someone...let me finish talking for crying out loud!

    4. I hate your judgmental looks at my bags when I wear them.

    5. I hate how you always ask me if I finished the assignment for class and then ask to check your answers against mine. No confidence in yourself?

    6. I hate how I always seem to be the only one getting work done...but you'll sure take credit when it comes time for the advisor to ask about the work.

    7. I HATE that you're so cheap that you won't even kick in an extra dollar for the lunchtime delivery guy's tip. Gosh...you ordered a $4.50 sandwich and you give me .50? cheapskate!

    8. I also hate that you're always having people come into our office and socializing...I'm trying to get work done!

    9. I hate that you turn down my radio all the time....ya it's OK for you to have people come in and talk, talk, talk and be disruptive...but I can't listen to a little Howard Stern?

    YAY....I'm so glad that it'll take you 6 years to finish your PhD and I'll be done in a total of 4.....I won't have to listen to you anymore!
  14. :yahoo:
  15. Here's mine:

    -I hate when you always come over to my house.
    -I hate it when you always sign out my MSN and sign into yours without asking for my permission.
    - I hate it when you laugh at little silly things
    - I hate it when you think your joke are funny which I find it stupid.
    - I hate it when you always take advantage in getting a free ride from me.
    - I hate it when you kept telling me about your ex gf and pls get over it already!
    - I hate when you always speed and almost got into an accident.
    - I hate it when you always act like a lady. Stand up! Be a man and raise your hand up for the waiter/ waitress to come over!
    - I hate it when you think you are good looking ( which you are so NOT!)
    - I hate the way you dress up in faded polo's and ugly shorts!