$10 off your Next purchase of $50 or more @ DSW

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  1. So I was flipping through Vogue (it takes me about 5 times to get all the information) and I found an offer. Click here and watch a quick test drive (about 30 seconds) and fill in your information, then you will get your coupon =)

    Enjoy Ladies:yahoo:

    edit: the link seems to not be working, try: shoprockandroll.com/shoes
  2. Thank you thank you! For some reason the link didn't come out correctly, the website is www.shoprockandroll.com/shoes

    Just got a rewards certificate in the mail so I'm excited to check out my local DSW :yes:

  3. If you don't want to go through the watching of the video and giving your information, the code is drive2 ($10 off $50 or more)
  4. awesome!! thanks so much. :]
  5. One more code (not much but still ;)): LUVDSW $5 off $50
  6. I received one too! What is the minimum to get the $10 off?
  7. Anyone know when is triple points event for DWS? Thank your so much.
  8. for this coupon, the minimum purchase is $50. usually you can combine up to 3 rewards certificates/coupons for one purchase (check the details on them first, you cannot use three of the same coupon like this one).