10%off Tokidoki purses,shirts + free shipping

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  1. www.tobi.com

    at check out, enter code "HITOBI" to get 10% off. Free Ground shipping!!

    I saw so many shirts I love and that I couldnt find anywhere else. lolz!! enjoy!!

    They got tokidoki bags too!!
  2. I know I saw that too! But some of the shirts aren't in stock - I found that out when I tried to order the Adios & Ciao Ciao tee, but Jen from Tobi emailed me and she told me they'd be getting a LOT more Tokidoki stuff in in a few weeks! :smile:
  3. yeah I couldnt wait. i need those shirts. haha
  4. goodness... shipping to HI is $20 :push: looks like there are a lot of cute stuff though. enjoy you guys! :tup:
  5. lmfao i got an email from that...i thought it was spam so i trashed it. oh well shippin too expensive for us gals..so i'll stay away.

    edit...i didnt see the part about shipping, twingirls? hmm and the first post says free ground? ehh gotta check it now lol.
  6. LOL I thought it was spam too.. I removed my email addy from their subscribe list. They have cute toki tees and some bags and jewelry.. but yeah, the shipping is not that worth it.
  7. but the first post says shipping is free? hmmm.

    idk, i'm cautious about websites that have numbers instead of words haha...unless somebody bought from them before....
  8. Most things I would buy are all sold out! Did they say if they were getting more Spiaggia in?
  9. yeah, free ground for all 48 states. $20 for alaska and hawaii. :sad:
  10. OHHHHHHHHHHHH, ok yeah nothing for me then. lol. I Was thinking of getting my ss something but nope.......not $20 shipping.
  11. Geez we're part of the United States too! I hate it when its only the "continental U.S.".. its the UNITED States of America.. LOL I'm just ranting. Shipping sucks and although its not as bad as international shipping, it sucks when they dont include us. *sigh*
  12. I actually am waiting on an order from there.
    I'm getting myself and my friend tokidoki necklacessss.
    I can't wait. hahaha
  13. that's azalea's new name/site.

    ohh, if new stuff will be in in a few weeks, that's after the code expires. :tdown: [june 30]
  14. Oh really?? I didnt know that was Azalea.. I was wondering how they got my email address.. :lol:
  15. OK, I was wondering about that. I looked at the site and was like "this looks like Azalea".