10% off on Blk Fri Rebecca Minkoff, Gryson, Botkier and Kooba

  1. hi ladies,

    I got this email from Funkylala.com since i am on the list and they are having an insane sale this Friday with 10 percent off of everything for one day only.
    The site offers a ton of colors and styles that many of the other sites do not carry. They have a selection that is massive. They also carry Sissi Rossi, Rebecca Minkoff, Andrea Brueckner, Gryson, Botkier, Kooba and Goldenbleu. They have great customer service as well., i order a fair amount from them.

    here is the link for the details. :yahoo:

  2. hey hey...i got that email too. i heard they're opening at 11AM (instead of 1). the flyer also said free shipping (and return shipping) which is a bonus :woohoo:...it's in-store and online...
  3. Wish it was a tad more than 10%. That doesn't amount to much, but still a good sale!
  4. i love this article, megs. Thanks for adding the link.
  5. This is strange - read the small print at the bottom of the ad:

    "10% discount will be applied when your order ships. We'll send you an email when your order is processed with the total after your discount."

    Does this mean you'll be charged full price when you place the order and receive the discount when it ships? That's odd.