10% Off next online SAKS order!


    I had this code sent to me about a week ago. I think you cant only use it once.

    I hope it works...if not...it was worth a try!


    (I coudnt get the entire pic that was in the email...but it looks like this, then it says the code under it.)
  2. thanks for posting, but i think this can only be used only once on your first purchase from Saks.com. :smile:
  3. thank you for posting. I guess you are the only person allows to use this code because it needs to match your e-mail address. :smile:
  4. Oh....sorry guys.
    Thought I could help...it was well worth trying :crybaby:
  5. I tried the code, it reflected the discount but couldn't pass their payment method page. I did a live chat with customer service and they gave me 10% which will reflects in my credit card in few days (they say).

    Thanks for the code, at least I have this as a proof to ask for 10% with their customer service!:tup:
  6. I guess thats a good way of using it. Just tell them they e-mailed it to you and it wont work. I guess its worth trying.
    I used it to get my Gucci carry-on.