10% off Mulberry Outlets

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  1. Just got an email saying there's 10% off everything at Mulberry Factory Shops during the Bank Holiday weekend:tup:
  2. Wish I lived close by!
  3. wow! wonder if they would be restocking their stuff at the same time?? wonder if the normal stores would have special deals too...

    whens bank holiday btw??

  4. ^^^ Oooh sounds fab, shame I dont live nearer!
  5. bank holiday is this weekend 23-25 August
  6. Oh my! I am going to be about 15 miles from shepton this weekend - think I might explode with anticipation!!!!! Is that sad?
  7. Bugger - I went to Bicester yesteday and saw a Roxanne TDF in a gorgeous dark grey - could have had that!!!!!!

  8. CALL THEM!!!! NOW!!!!
    Maybe it is still there!:shrugs:
  9. Just looked at last nights post, can't believe I included the 'b' word! Tha's what four hours on the motorway returning from geriatric parents with 3 children in the car, followed by news you have missed a discount does to you! Mind you stuinning though it was the bag was £550, still a hefty price after discount!
  10. Also, I am desparate for an East West, the only one they had at Bicester was a red one - I am quite keen for Black or Oak - anyone seen them reduced recenbtly?
  11. i want one too in a classic colour or a ledbury in choc xx
  12. They had ledbury in Choc at SM last weekend!
  13. Anyone off to take advantage of this offer?

    I really want a choco anthony but i am sofa-bound!!
  14. They had a black East West at Bicester last weekend, it was £197 I think!
  15. just phoned bicester no e/w, no ledbury (apart from an ostrich leather ledbury for just short of £1300) oooohhh no i said but i have got off the phone just now from cheshire oaks to my delight i have secured a choc ledbury so next week will be something to look forward too finally

    i was walking round york today very disappointed with the choice in the outlet and bought nothing so with the 10% discount i didn't mind paying the p&p charges so will post pics when it arrives, now i can join the hula group :nuts:

    anybody else bought today?