10% off Mulberry at Case!


New Member
Oct 26, 2009
Hi - I'm new to the Purse forum but a big lover of Mulberry - yet to own one tho so I just lust from afar for the moment! A Shop Assistant at Case told me today that there will be 10% off Mulberry bags starting tomorrow for a few days in their shops - Guildford, Bluewater, Tunbridge Wells, Harrods I think. Every little helps! xx


Feb 6, 2009
Hi Jess, welcome to the forum! Thanks for the info - the 10 % discount is very helpful when buying classics such as bays, that won't go on sale - I'm sure this info will be very helpful to the ladies here (I'm in Sweden so sadly that doesn't help me at the moment, but I'm going to London around new years - hopefully there will be a 10 % harrods discount then as well as I made such a great bargain there last year... :nuts:)

Good luck finding your perfect first Mulberry bag!