10% off lv

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  1. hi lv lovers,

    is it true, when u travel oversea and you purchase an lv item you get 10% off?

    thank u
  2. You don't get a discount but I guess you meant VAT. Different countries have different VAT rates....so VAT refund depends on which country you purchase the items.
  3. In Australia if you spend over $300 at LV then you can claim the tax back (10%) at the airport if you leave the country within 30 days. You can use the goods as soon as purchase them.

    In New Zealand you can get LV items dutyfree, which gives discounts of between 10-20% depending on the item. You can only pick up goods at the airport when you leave the country.
  4. thank u for that.
    yes thats right, does it works the same in the Uk?
  5. You can do an internet search for VAT or "tax free shopping". There are websites that will break down the percentage of taxes you receive back for the country you are visiting and how much you spend.
  6. It isn't really a discount on the products so much as savings on tax - it's a little bit of a misnomer to say that it's 10% off ! ;)

    With that being said, going to the UK right now is GREAT for saving on LV!
  7. wow i just ask the lv store that in the UK store u will get back 14.9% on tax.
    my friend is going there this week, ive ask her to get a Galliera pm for me. huge savings:tup::heart: