10% off if you have a Citibank Card....

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  1. Ok. I know how to get 10% off of Louis Vuitton BUT you have to shop at Neiman Marcus and you have to have a Citibank Credit Card with Extra Cash Rewards..
    How you ask? If you go to the Citibank extra cash web site.
    You can buy NM gift card for 10% off. Then you use the NM gift cards to buy LV's so if you bought something for $2500.00 you save $250.00 that's pretty darn good! So there you go!! ;)
    Hope I didn't break any rules posting this.
  2. They also have Bloomingdale's gift cards!! :happydance:
  3. Clever girl! Thanks for passing this info on to us!
  4. Great idea! I wonder if I can do that with my capital one credit card reward points????
  5. I get the emails for extra cash rewards and I always delete them, I thought it was only for crappy vendors, I'll check this out, thanks for posting :smile:
  6. Can you include a link? I have citi and I don't see 10% off at Neiman Marcus..thanks!
  7. I just received my Discover Rewards booklet and they have Neiman Marcus there too...I saw extra $5 every $45.
  8. Wow really?? I have to try the link thanks :smile:
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    Great deal! Going to try it out!

    hmm just tried it and it wasn't able to read my card and/or my account didn't exist. hmm strange.
  10. You need to have a Citibank "extra cash rewards" card. I get points for shopping instead of let's say for example airfare miles.
    If you don't have this type of Citibank card you should!!
    They have all kinds of merchandise not just Gift Cards but I buy a lot of gift cards so it saves me a lot of money. Especially at Christmas time.. Hope that helped ;)
  11. Where are the giftcards listed? I see everything else.
  12. Ok I just found them, thanks great tip;)
  13. Glad you found them!! ;)