10% off gucci.com on 11/20/07

  1. Ooooh! Wowza!!!!
  2. whoa whoa whoa;thank u for sharing!
  3. **i think i want the speedy-like boston!
  4. :yahoo:Thanks for posting!! Guess I will be doing lots of online shopping on the 20th.
  5. Any info about shipping?
  6. So nice you have shared it. Thank you.
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH>>>> I CAN NOW BUY THE BABY MESSENGER BAG without feeling guilty!!
  8. UPS ground shipping is free until 12/31/07.
  9. Thanks.
  10. Wow- Awesome!!! Thanks!!
  11. got that today too! cant wait :graucho:
  12. Thank you. I can't wait until the 20th.
  13. Thanks for posting!
  14. thank-you for posting....i guess alot of shopping for me.