10% off Ebay Coupon - Good for 10 days only

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    To celebrate their 10 year anniversary (damn they must have made billions off of people selling off stuff), eBay is giving 10% off just *one* of your purchases in the next ten days. You must pay via Paypal to redeem the coupon.

    I was so pleased I stumbled on this, because I just got a smokin' deal on a Botkier Holster, and 10% off made it all the sweeter.

    I hope this coupon is sweet for y'all too!
  2. Nice! Good lookin out :biggrin:
  3. Thanks chemlex! :smile: SWEET!
  4. Hi, i'm new here.. but anyways, thanks for the code! i jus won a bid and happened to stumble on this =)
  5. Thank you very much! I just happened to win a bid.