10% off at Saks.com, expires 10/31

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  1. Nice of them to send it to me the day after I made a huge purchase from them, GRRR!!

    But maybe someone here can use it, ha!


    Please let me know if this worked or not for you! I do not think it is restricted to newly registered users who have already made a purchase, but who knows.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Thanks - it worked!
  4. yay
  5. You need to contact Saks and get that 10% back. That code has been in effect since around the end of AUGUST! Be assertive. I'll be very surprised if they don't credit your card back the 10%.
  6. Ooh, thank you! I will give it a try. The fine print says it's not good retroactively though. wtf.

  7. Stores are smart. They'd rather give you that 10% than risk having you return your order.;)

    And if the first customer service rep turns you down, ask for their supervisor! It's a consumer's market. Wield your power, I say! :biguns:
  8. thanks for sharing!

    Give Saks a try, I'm sure they will honor it.
  9. Thank you Prada Psycho!!! I called them just now and they did it!! :love:

    So I basically got no sales tax and free shipping on my order, plus a few bucks extra. Yay!!

    THAT is what makes a loyal customer.
  10. :party: Woo Hoo! Power to the People! :party:

    Yes, I AM a child of the 60's! :flowers:
  11. SHOPFALL expired 10/31. Is there a new one out? Thanx so much.
  12. Try these:

    Free shipping on $125 or more. FREESH. Expires 12/4/2006
    Free shipping on $125 or more. FS125. Expires 12/4/2006

    The second one is from ******, so I know it works. The first one I found elsewhere.

    Good luck!
  13. OMG! Those are for Bloomingdale's. Sorry about that :shame:.