10% off at LindeStore

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I got a 10% off code for LindeStore for my birthday. However, it expires today and I will not be using it. Its one-time use so it up for grabs for the first one to see this! Hope someone gets something good!

    we'd love to delight you with a special gift: A 10% OFF COUPON!
    Enjoy your birthday at L'inde le Palais!

    To use it, just put this code in the discount box at the first shopping bag step 8822DA1F

    NOTE: the code is valid for all products, but use it before 10/11/2012.
  2. Happy belated birthday! I got one of these too but silly me I let it expire, should've asked if someone wanted it.
  3. That's so sweet of you. I'm not looking for anything now but I hope that when I am getting another Gbag, I'll have a coupon from one of you lovely ladies.