10% off at Bluefly.com

  1. I know they are the devil, but 10% is 10%! :tup:
  2. :devil:LYM, May I ask why Bluefly are considered to be the devil ? I haven't had any personal experience with them, so before I check out the 10% off deals (just for research purposes you understand as I am still on that bag ban), I want to get the lowdown.
  3. Thanks for that LVR ( and could you tell me which Bays you're going to have in stock in the Spring please?:lol:) UGH, it looks like Susie & IIlson also suffered at the hands of :devil:LuciferFly. I'm keeping well away from them.

    Read through that whole strand in the end and :wtf:SHOCKED:wtf: to hear DD didn't like 'Tickle Me Elmo'.. Ours got so much use that the batteries have worn down to the extent that when Elmo giggles now he sounds like the girl in 'The Exorcist':s. Of course, we could just replace the batteries but the demonic laughing is just too funny ( well DH & I think that anyway, the kids could be scarred for life I guess :shrugs:)
  4. ^ Time will tell if they are scarred, lol!

    And yes, we will have heaps of Bays in, just send over the bank info and we'll send one along in each new color!

    Can I compliment your use of smileys? They always add to your writing beautifully!
  5. Always happy to accept a compliment LYM / LVR...Thank you...I do:heart:those smileys:yes:.
    I'll forward all my bank details to you later and look forward to receiving a new Bay each month for the next year from your marvelous store. Are you stocking your own LAMB line too :lol:?
  6. I like it, the Bay of the Month club! Much better than Wine of the Month.