10% off at Barnes and Noble

  1. I know this is a fashion forum but hey a deal is a deal. I buy books all the time.

    Use this code until May 6: F7K4B3L to save 10% off one item online.
  2. thank you newgrl!! i have several books in my wishlist that i can't wait to pick up.
  3. You are welcome! I am a book lover as well and I'm always buying something whether it's for business or just personal reading.

    You can also check out Half.com. It's an eBay site but you just buy the item you don't have to bid...it's basically for books only. Prices are great. I have purchased many of our books there---you can buy new and used. Great selection and great for finding out of print or difficult to find books! Use this site only if you don't need your book ASAP. You are buying from individuals and some will send out promptly..others may take a few days to get the item out. If I need something right away I just go to the bookstore or order from the stores online.