$10 OFF Any Victoria's Secret Order in February

  1. Code: 549241082

    Got this with my latest order and I won't be using it.
  2. Thank you missisa07!!! I just ordered a bra and it worked!!!
  3. ^ :nuts: They're working already?!

    Off to try mine.......
  4. Yay it worked! They still have some good deals too. I got flannel pj's, Tarte cheek stain trio, Tarte lip gloss duo, Scott Barnes spray tan and a Supermodel perfume gift set for $104 shipped! :tup:

    Also, VSHIP100 works for free shipping on any order over $100 and can be used with the certificates.
  5. If anyone else has one they won't be using, could they kindly PM me it? I've been eyeing a few things... :smile:
  6. thank you!
  7. Sweet! I didn't know they would work now. I wished it worked with the $10 off the bra coupon :biggrin:
  8. ^ Did you try it? I thought it would work with anything...
  9. Anybody have a code they aren't using? Please PM me too. Thanks!