10% off Amazing jewelry for TPFers, plus free shipping for RAOKers

  1. I've just launched my etsy shop and am celebrating......

    In addition to the 10% off for ALL TPFers I'm offering
    FREE shipping within US to anyone doing RAOKs!:heart:

    You'll get a tracking number for peace of mind as I am sending it directly to your recipient. Their item will be wrapped and in my fun signature packaging, card and message included. Kind of a party by post. :wlae::wlae:
    • I also love custom orders so if you want to keep to a certain price or have a theme in mind we can definitely figure something out they'll love.
    Holler if you have any Q's!

    If you're checking my store out today (3-17) , go to etsy front page, click on the etsy showcase, my black neck and velvet necklace is there.