10 New Holiday Online Shopping Codes!

  1. Holiday Shopping Codes for some great online stores that carry designer Handbags!:yahoo:

    Singer22: Celeb10 for 10% off!
    TheHipChick: Celeb15 for 15% off!
    ActiveEndeavors: Celebstyle 20% off!
    Nationaljeanscompany: Celeb 15% off!
    PinkCaviar: Celeb 15% off!
    GreenApple: Celebstyle 15% off!
    FrenchCornerSoho: Celeb 10% off!
    Frankeys: Celeb20 20% off!
    Testimo: Celebrity20 20% off!
    Label360: Celebstyle 25% off!

    All codes are current and active and a few are the highest offered by each store.