10 New Holiday Online Shopping Codes!

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  1. New Holiday Shopping Codes for some great online stores that carry designer Handbags!:yahoo:

    Singer22: Celeb10 for 10% off!
    TheHipChick: Celeb15 for 15% off!
    ActiveEndeavors: Celebstyle 20% off!
    Nationaljeanscompany: Celeb 15% off!
    PinkCaviar: Celeb 15% off!
    GreenApple: Celebstyle 15% off!
    FrenchCornerSoho: Celeb 10% off!
    Frankeys: Celeb20 20% off!
    Testimo: Celebrity20 20% off!
    Label360: Celebstyle 25% off!

    All codes are current and active and a few are the highest offered by each store.
  2. Hi There!
    Thanks much for the great codes. Did you happen to have any Expiration dates for these codes?
  3. That's the best part...most are good for the next 6 months so BOOKMARK!
  4. Thanks so much!!!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Your welcome!
  7. One more to add:
    Mr.CharlesShop...15% off with code "celeb"!
  8. Thanks. I like Active Endavors.
  9. ^^^
    Me too and 20% off is good!
  10. **bump**
  11. Did anyone use the codes for CyberMonday....I got some great stuff!