10 Minutes with Nicolas Ghesquire

  1. If you had 10 minutes with Nicolas G, what would you tell him?

    I would say:
    Don't discontinue the purse
    Longer straps on the work and weekender
    Keep the thicker leather coming
    More pinks and purples please
    One more inner pocket

    What about you guys? :nuts:
  2. keep the leather thick as the older years
    keep making flat brasses
    bigger inner pocket
    give me free samples :P
  3. Shoulder strap on the Work and Weekender!!! Longer shoulder strap on the City!!!
  4. I would say:
    -bring back the 2004 leather
    -bring back the clutch - or come out with a new clutch style
    -vary colors more from season to season - we seem to have had a streak of browns, reds, and blues - how about more pinks, purples, yellows?
  5. I would say
    bring back 2003/2004 leather
    bring back silver hardware
    we want to say more yellow, purple, orange, lilac....
    thank you for this precious gift !! :heart: :heart:
  6. thank you soooo much for b-bags!:heart: :flowers:

    but could you kindly consider...
    bringing back the old leather that I keep hearing about!
    a detachable strap on the work
    selling longer straps to interchange w/.
    yes, more pinks, purples/violets, yellows, oranges~
    please, keep the purse!
    and what about b-bag charms? (since b-bags are so cute w/charms!):love:
  7. I agree with everyone!!!!

    Bring back the older leather
    Bring back silver hardware
    Need strap for the work bag
  8. Bigger inner pockets (and more of them, esp for my cell phone) and outer ones too for that matter (I like the Day because of the pockets)

    Thicker leathers like the olden days.

    More colors!! Purples, Pinks, Blues, heck any color will do.

    Free Tassels if you bring in your authentic bag. I hate calling BalNY and getting the run around.

    More accessories please.

    And free samples don't hurt too. :angel:

  9. I'd say "I need an ink purse with slightly longer handles and '04 leather, and I'll be needing that free of charge. Now hop to it!" :sneaky:

    Oh, and free deluxe key fob with every purchase!

  10. A big ditto + interchangeable strap for the city (normal + longer)
  11. NEW SELLER'S POLICY: "buy 10 B-bags, get the next one free!"
  12. I'd give him the large box of Crayola crayons and tell him I want a Bbag in every color!
  13. Oh YEAH - love that idea!!!! And a strap on the work would be WONDERFUL!:yahoo:
  14. So, um, nobody's thinking that they'd take the opportunity to just listen to what this talented designer has to say for 10 minutes?
  15. optional shoulder straps on most bags
    enough blues, there are tons of other colors out there, so tell whoever is stuck on blue to take a look at other colors
    address the fading problems on light bags
    make buying new handles for older bags an option
    thicker leather but still lightweight
    in addition to the new boob hardware :P , do flat brass and silver hardware too
    consider a bag that is bigger than the first, a little smaller than the City but shape of the first.