10% discount for regulars...

  1. Just got approved for the permanent 10% discount off every item in Asian Prada stores... :nuts:

    Am wondering if anyone has the same privilege for research purposes... (doing a fashion marketing assignment)..

    Thanks a lot
  2. Wow! That's a very nice priviledge. I can't say I have one though - I buy from department stores... and probably not enough anyway even if I bought from Prada to warrant this discount.

    What kind of buying pattern or history do you need to have to get this 10% discount at Prada?
  3. You have no idea how secretive they are about the requirements... sometimes it's about how much you spend within a year (which I guess is approximately USD20000) .. and at times it's how regular you are as a customer... or it could also be how your purchase pattern aligns with their arrivals (big question mark here)... even your relationship with the SAs matters... anyhow, you gotta meet each of those requirements or offset any of them with another... honestly, I still have no idea what the actual outline is... even after some forceful interrogation...
  4. They are so secretive about *everything* that it's honestly quite annoying. I'm pissed they don't have a catalog with all their styles and after speaking with an SA at length about Prada visiting her dept. store and making them pull 50% of their stock *OFF* the showroom floor and put it back to the basement just shows how obnoxious they really are.

    Oh, and the *no picture taking* thing is at the top of my list as well. I'd much rather give my money to the department stores who at least care whether or not I'm happy with something... and offer an exchange or return.

    In the defense of the SAs of Prada though - the three I've known have always been helpful. It's the company itself that I think is overly obnoxious.