10 Days Until Leopard Release!!!!!

  1. Wooohoooooo...who else is upgrading??? I can't wait!!! I just got my Mac a couple months ago and still don't know all the features on it...but I'm excited nonetheless!!!

    Techies out there: When I upgrade....I don't need to backup files or anything do I? If I already have Boot Camp will it recognize it and not reinstall it? Is it pretty easy to upgrade?
  2. Hmm I have a macbook, but have no idea what you're talking about..leopard?
  3. I have a macbook pro and I think the current system that runs everything on a mac is the tiger-they will bring out a new one shortly: the leopard.
  4. Why do you need to upgrade to Leopard? Is there anything you need that Tiger doesn't have? I avoid upgrading to fresh release version until it's been widely used and stable. If you do need to upgrade, backup your data. Apple handles upgrading very well but I still do all back ups just to be safe.
  5. <-----waiting for Leopard since they've changed the date 3X in the last year.......now my mac is dead and I've been using my windows notebook...I guess it's a good excuse to get a new system??
  6. I have been waiting for Leopard to buy a new iMac. Next Friday I will be putting in my order!

    Backing up is always a good idea before installing a system upgrade. That said, I have installed many Mac upgrades, and have yet to have a bad experience. I've never lost any data. Obviously, there is always software that will conflict with a new operating system, but I doubt you will notice any issues with Bootcamp.
  7. YAY!! :yahoo:Can't wait for Leopard here too!! :yes:Dh and I are counting the days!! :wlae:
  8. ME ME ME ME MEEEEE!! But Im waiting til later this year for all the patches and updates so that any bugs are corrected :smile:

    I waited on Tiger a while too.

    That said, my DH and I have been reconsidering my new e-ring setting in favor of a new macbook since my power book is just...needing replaced. Nothing actually wrong with it, just old.

    Wonder when they're gonna run outta cats ;)
  9. Laughing here I thought you were talking about some awesome leopard PURSE!
  10. Ohh I got an email about this today, but I wasn't sure what it was...
  11. I agree ... I finally got my MBP and will continue to use Tiger for a while:tup:
  12. I'm just one of those people who likes to buy stuff when it first releases LOL No reason to upgrade....just wanted the newest toy!!!

    I've read that the only major glitches are when running really high res graphics programs...the system tends to freeze.
  13. ^^same here!!:tup:

    I hear ya!! We love getting the latest n' greatest!! <So to speak> A new toy!! YAY!!:yahoo:

    Haha!! I got the new iMac a month and a half ago...when I already had the old iMac (which was only a yr old). BUT......It was because my son's laptop died....So, I got the new iMac and he got my older one.

    The plan is.....to buy him the new iMac for Xmas and give my daughter the "old" iMac.

    We'll be all Mac'd out!!;) ha! The whole family! :wlae:
  14. Oh geez......LOL!!! I was telling dh about this thread and he's like...."Oh ya, I already pre-ordered it." (the family pack) WT??!!?!? :wtf:

    I'm like, "what?"
    He's like..."Ya, they'll be delivering it on THE day. The 26th."

    He was telling me that apparently Apple won't be selling Leopard til 6pm. That they're going to close all the stores and reopen at 6pm.

    Then dh's like.."We'll be getting it during the day...." :tup:



    9 days, 9 hrs, 58 mins, 10 sec.!!!!!!
  15. I just ordered my new copy but... you can get a better deal if you order from Amazon. i got the family pack for my computer and my daughters and paid $189 plus free 2 day shipping after signing up for Amazon prime (will cancel after trial offer.) The price for a single user is less on Amazon than the student discount at apple - plus no tax from amazon! so for those of you who want to wait a few days, you can save a few dollars!