10 days overdue :(

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  1. Hi ladies

    Well, I'm now 10 days overdue and just feel absolutely awful - physically and emotionally. My first two were 10 days and 7 days late, and I kind of expected this one to come sooner than the other two. I know I'm a big blob of hormones at the moment, but I haven't felt this down in a long time.:crybaby:

    I've got until midnight on Monday to go into labour if I want to have my natural waterbirth at the Birth Centre. Failing that I've got an induction booked at the hospital for Tuesday morning, which I really DON'T want!

    Please send me labour vibes to get this stubborn little baby moving! Thanks:flowers:
  2. Oh you poor girl! I couldn't imagine going 10 days over. Here's some labor vibes for you! *************************
  3. awww :hugs: my mother had my older sister and brother a month late, so i am sure she feels your pain. i personally have not had kids yet :sad: *sends labor vibes towards you*
  4. Heres tones of labor vibes for you!!!!!!
  5. Positive vibes for you**** Hopefully the baby decides it's time. Good luck!!
  6. Sending some labor vibes to you!!!! :hugs:

    ...now go tell hubby to do his part and get this labor started! :biggrin:
  7. Sending labor vibes your way.
  8. More labor vibes for you!! Hopefully we'll all combine to get things moving.

    Maybe take a looooong walk (or several long walks)? That might help get things started as well. Good luck!!
  9. I just saw this -- a MONTH late?!!! I didn't think they'd let you go that long past due. Yikes.
  10. Positive labor vibes are being sent your way :flowers:.
  11. i know its hard i am sending you luck. A good way to look at it is that in 2 days it will be over as in england they now don't like you to go too far over.

  12. wow? did you have the baby yet...???? i hope so...
    if not id call the doctor immediately and say you want to be induced! i was 7 days late and was NOT going another day, i demanded to be induced and i was...
  13. Sending labour vibes your way....
    But what about asking your doctor to be induced? This must be very frustrating for you.
  14. i am also wondering how this is possible? I mean, ive never heard of anyone being pregnant for that long!

    imyflutterby - I hope you're holding your precious baby now? :heart:
  15. I went 43 weeks 2 days! I feel for you!! I am sending some major labor vibes your way. I too was planning a natural birthing center birth. I'm hoping your LO cooperates :smile: