10 Days in Europe...What H Stores Would You Hit/Miss?????

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  1. Hehehe...planning my summer business trip to Europe...well, the business part has now been scheduled and it is time to consider the extension... :shame:

    So, European H shopping experts...what boutiques would you hit or miss if you had 6-10ish days to play in early/mid July?????

    Business meetings will take place in Brussels. How many days would you spend in Paris on the extension?????

    Where else would you consider going?????

    What is a good miss in July?????

    TIA :flowers:
  2. In Belgium, if you have not been, Bruges and Ghent are lovely places to go to for sightseeing. Also, Antwerp might be interesting for some antique jewelry shopping.

    I would definitely go to Paris and spend some 3-4 days there also just to hang around, people watch, visit some exhibits, and enjoy the wonderful scenery. You might also find some bargains at La Vallée Village, which is a designer outlet "village" on the outskirts of Paris. It is even open on Sundays! From Paris, you can also do sighseeing trips to the Loire Valley, especially Chambord Castle which I am dying to see. It looks really nice!!!

    I would also recommend the tiny country of Luxembourg if you haven't been. The H shop there is 2 floors, average size and the people there are super friendly! I bought my 25cm prune Kelly there and since the shop is one of the few remaining privately owned H boutiques, the owners treated me like royalty. They shipped the Kelly box for free to Switzerland so that I don't have to carry it. Also, they gave me a big bottle of Rosé Ikebana as a present! Luxembourg is also a very nice little country with great people!)

    Otherwise, Amsterdam is always great!

    Pics of Chambord Castle:
    Basdepage21.jpg Copie de CWL3.jpg Chambord.jpg
  3. Sounds lovely! So meetings in Brussels w/ possible Belgium side trips...3-4 days in Paris (DH might be greatly saddened if I do the Loire Valley without him)...travel from Paris to Luxembourg and/or Amsterdam...

    How long would it take to travel from Paris to Luxembourg? Luxembourg to Amsterdam? I assume travel would be by train?

    Thanks, LaV!
  4. LaVan, somewhere in my house there is a pic of me in front of Chambord in 1993. I'll see if I can find it. It is a wonderful castle and the gardens are magnificent! The Loire is heavenly!
  5. By train:

    Brussels - Luxembourg is roughly 2 and half hours
    Brussels - Paris with the Thalys speed train is exactly 1 hour 22 minutes
    Brussels - Amsterdam is roughly 2 hours 50 minutes
    Luxembourg - Paris is roughly 3 and half hours
  6. I just checked the train connection from Luxembourg to Amsterdam and it is not so great. You have to change several times and takes forever.
  7. ^ Thank you! Does train/plane work out to take approximately the same amount of time with security, etc. at the airports?
  8. LOL...I needed a map!

  9. Mmmm, I'm also thinking that if you want to avoid the masses of tourists in Paris, another great option would be to fly from Brussels to either:

    - Stockholm and tour a bit of Sweden
    - Copenhagen and enjoy Denmark a bit

    From Copenhagen, you can also take a train to Stockholm and that takes just a little bit over 5 hours
  10. If you go to either Paris, Luxembourg or Amsterdam, I'd definitely take the train as you don't have that big mess on security issues in airports
  11. Hmmm...options...

    Paris...for sure...primarily for shopping as I have completed the tourist circuit...
    Luxembourg...perhaps...have not been there before...
    Amsterdam...perhaps...have not been there before...
    Copenhagen, Stockholm...ditto...

    Other destinations that are fairly easy trips from Paris...balance of historical/cultural significance and shopping opportunities?
    Or should I just not concern myself with shopping as Paris is part of the agenda?

    I have been to Italy and Spain and prefer non-summer visits...
  12. You're right, I would also avoid Spain and Italy in the summer months!!!

    Since you're right on the bulls eye with Paris, I think either Brussels-Luxembourg-Paris or Brussels-Amsterdam-Paris would be great alternatives. You have in these places a good match of culture and shopping!

    If you haven't been to Amsterdam though, I would go there first before Luxembourg. Amsterdam is wonderful!!! If you're curious about Luxembourg, from Brussels you can easily just do a day trip to Luxembourg.
  13. I would want to spend most of my time in Italy.

    BUT...would you consider Slovenia? I think you should.
  14. I LOVE Italy...but...would prefer to visit in non-summer... DH and I plan to do Croatia/Venice at some point...must save that excursion for him...LOL...perhaps with a sidetrip to Slovenia...

    I have visited Prague and Zurich in winter...if I venture into Switzerland I would prefer to stay east/central...Luxembourg sounds interesting as I have not considered it to date and the location is fairly central...

    Love to ponder all of these options...
  15. Luxembourg is really tiny and can easily be visited from Brussels! Did I mention the wonderful H shop there hahaha!

    Switzerland is great in summer ... yoo doo leh hee hoo!!!