10 days and still waiting!

  1. I won a bracelet on eBay on July 8, paid IMMEDIATELY, and the dadburned thing has still not arrived from FL to NC. The seller isn't responding to emails. Should I open a dispute with PayPal?
  2. Maybe try to contact eBay first???
  3. I know its frustrating but I would give it 2 weeks than contact ebay...
  4. Some just ship slow and do not communicate well. I don't mind slow shipping as long as the seller keeps me posted, but it's the no communication types that are annoying because you have no idea what's going on.

    From my experience, I waited at least 2 weeks before either threatening with a serious action or actually taking it.
  5. I find it strange that the seller has not communicated with you. I would send one more email to the seller. If no response by this weekend, I would open a dispute. Its unacceptable not to get response, even something simply like got payment, will ship shortly. anything. I would be pissed.
  6. 10 days for local shipping :confused1: re-contact your seller and ask if still no response nor item, claim will be file with PayPal, good luck, hope you'll get your bracelet soon :smile: anyway, how if you call her by phone?
  7. This is a no brainier. You need to open a dispute with both.... Now!

    You can also get their phone number and call them. I have done this twice and it really puts a fire under their ass.

    Go to members contact info:

    What is their feedback % number?
  8. I agree w Nylo!

    If you have had No response whatsoever w/ seller, you need to file something or call!

    Is this a reputable seller?