10 Day Vacation Ideas?

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  1. I'm going on vacation from August 14th - August 23rd and was hoping for some ideas. We originally wanted to go on an Alaskan Cruise, but it's a little out of price range at this point.

    I found an all-inclusive in the Bahamas that would come to about $1400 each which includes the cost of a flight from Toronto but was hoping I could find a cheaper alternative. We're not really picky on where we vacation except that we don't want to go to Mexico at this point.
    Any suggestions?
  2. At almost a month out, you are starting very late in the game to plan a two week vacation "on the cheap". Did I read your post wrong?

    For this past summer, Europe has had some awesome plane fares ex-USA, I am not sure about YYZ. I am also not sure about a month out for specific cities in Europe.

    Are you flexible with your dates or are they locked?
  3. I did Italy in 11 days, you could try that although August might be very warm depending on which parts you visit. Not sure what prices are like at this time of year.
  4. The only problem with the Bahamas (or anywhere in the Caribbean) is the possibility of hurricanes in August. How about Hawaii?
    Are you set on going to a beach? What are your interests?
    Many of the travel websites will put together flight/hotel packages- have you tried those?
    10 days for less than $1400 per person,for an all inclusive and including flight, is tricky, especially if you are eliminating Mexico. You might be able to find an airfare/hotel package to Europe for $1400-$1600 per person, but it will not be all inclusive. You may want to stick a little closer to home. How about San Francisco, San Diego, Bermuda? Hawaii and las vegas have both been hit by the recession and are offering some good travel deals.
  5. Yeah, I know it is cutting it close..we are pretty bad at planning things far in advance.
    Thanks for all the suggestions..we will most likely stick to our plan of going to the Bahamas. I think it's a pretty good deal being all inclusive for food/drinks and also having a lot of free activities including snorkeling to choose from :smile:
  6. cabo san lucas. ;)
  7. $1400 for airfare & 10 days at an all-inclusive seems dirt cheap! I don't think you'll do much better than that!! :blink:
  8. Are you sure you want an allinclusive. I know you said you do not want Mexico but the Cancun area has had no problems and the island of Isla Mujeres is pretty and safe. I came back in June. The privelege aluxes hotel is on the best beach it is 30-40% off rooms. The rooms have a jacuzzi outside on the balcony. The food on the island is great and cheap. It is casual a tshirt and flipflops are enough. The water is not rough and is clear. The seafood is to die for. Also if you want to shop Cancun has all the shops. Personally I stay on the island and relax.---not much nightlife though.
  9. Be careful about all-inclusive packages specially that cheap. My friend and her family went to Jamaica on a similar package and ended up hating their vacation. The lodging, the food, everything was bad so they left after three days of the 7 day package.
  10. oo Cancun sounds fun! I also really wanted to go to Cabo. We've actually already booked our trip 2 nights ago. It turns out one of my coworkers went to this exact same resort last year and said it was really fun :smile:
  11. Wow, that is terrible!
  12. fyi for next year, if you can take a vacation earlier in the summer, my parents went on an alaskan cruise in june and LOOOOOVED it. it was much cheaper than the august options (their original choice), more pleasant as it wasn't tourist crazy then, and plenty warm.

    just sharing for the future :flowers:

  13. Carmen...wondering the name of the resort that you got the deal at? Thanks
  14. No Cruises?
    You sometimes can get good deals on Cruises last minute because they want to sail out full.
  15. It's the Harbor Resort on Paradise Island