10 Carat Diamond Ring By Chopard !!!!!

  1. I went to Chopard boutique and they had on display a 10 carat brilliant cut diamond ring... OH MY GOD... what a ring... It was G color but amazing ring in a beautiful setting, It was the first time in my life to put a Rock that big on my finger !!!! The Price was $ 750 000:cursing:
    Sorry no pics..
  2. oh wow! I'd have actually guessed well over $1mil.
    What shape?
  3. Yeh,I would have thought more than that,especially from a premier named company like them!! I think brilliant is referring to round,not too sure? Will have to wait til she comes back and updates!!
  4. Please try to get a pic, oh please...:drool:
  5. I'll bet Bee Bee bought it. ;)
  6. I saw the word brilliant as well, but hate to assume :biggrin:

  7. OMG...That totally made me LAUGH!!!! HA HA HA HA good one!!!:tup:
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. OOO,you're naughty!!! I was trying not to think about that!!! But it did cross my mind too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Duh, needless to say... LOL

    I'm shocked that the 10 carat diamond from Chopard is only $750K... I would expect maybe even $7.5 million!! I don't know much about diamonds, though.:shame:
  11. Actually it made me remember a ring Boodles over here in the UK had,round brill,can't exactly recall all the specs except that it was whopping,and that went for a mill,I'm sure it was about the 10ct weight,so why the Chopard one so much cheaper????
  12. My mouth actually started watering when I heard the size... do we have pics? I have not been in the jewellery thread for so long!!!! x
  13. I am going to the chopard boutique in a few weeks and want to see this..my mom has 2 giant (well, not compared to this!) chopard rings and I always drool..I will probably take a pic and blow it up, poster-size in my room :smile:
  14. I too would have thought a ring like that would break the mill. dollar barrier!

    Also, Im trying to work out the `but` part of the description....I mean G color is right up there with the best as far as I knew!!!!!:confused1:
  15. HELLO LADIES... regarding the Chopard ring i told you about , I checked again and the color is J NOT G..... SORRY...I will post pics tomorow..