10 B-bags in Paris !!!

  1. Since I know you Girls:love: ...I become addictive:shame: ...

    Let me share with you :graucho: my 10 bbags ...

    The 4 First ...my single Day...

    First Black F04 .jpg First Cornflower SS06.jpg First Emerauld SS06.jpg First Magenta F05.JPG Day Truffle F06.jpg
  2. 2 City...1 Mid A and the 2 Work:love:

    City Black  F06.jpg City Rouge Vif F06.jpg Mid Afternoon Blue India FW06.jpg Work Grenat 3 F06.jpg Work Ink SS06.jpg
  3. OMG! love, love love them all.
    ok, girl, why do I never see you on the street? you have serious bbag eye candy!
  4. OMG!!! *Bows down to the Balenciaga shrine*

    Your bags are so incredibly beautiful - the jewel-tone colors are TDF!! :heart:
  5. What beautiful colors and so many different styles too! GORGEOUS!!
  6. WOW!!!! Fabulous bags!!! They are all beauties! Congrats.
  7. Superbe collection, on a exactement le meme nombre de sac Balenciaga.
  8. Thank you Ssm, Earthkeeper, Butterfliie...

    ...et Merci beaucoup Badbanana !!!!

    Danae, now if you see me, you'll recognize me...
    And if you are carrying your TDF BI Purse, I'll also know who you are ;)
  9. What a marvelous collection! Truly something for every occasion and lots to dream about.
  10. Amazing collection and i am sure it does not stop here.:graucho:
  11. LOOOOOOVE that truffle :nuts:
  12. amazing... i love your collection... you are one lucky girl
  13. How yummy your collection is!!! so varied colours and styles loving them!!!
  14. I love the mid afternoon blue india. Never seen that color before. Its beautiful
  15. Beautiful, I especially love the grenat work even if I am not a "work girl"...congrats to your collection can't wait to see the "orange" H work in progress...it's just like waiting for a baby...:p but actually not nearly as expensive.