10/11 GAP 40% off instore only

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  1. Includes sale items!

    45% off if you use your gapcard
  2. Thanks for the info! I just went to their store yesterday. Guess I have to make another trip today. :nuts:
  3. I should have known there would be a mega sale: I just bought a bunch of stuff there a couple weeks ago!
  4. I got some awesome deals today!!!
  5. i wanna go, but no one to go with ... might have to suck it up and go alone :sad:
  6. you should go! i just got back (went by myself) - good basics!!
  7. Gap was insane! Tons of people and tons of stuff. Took about 30 minutes to pay. Banana Republic also had extra 40% off sale stuff. Lots of stuff marked down and got some really good deals. $8 tshirts/tanks, $24 jeans for the DH, $25 cardigans, $10-$20 pants!
  8. i ended up going to the 2 in SoHo. the one by 8th street was a mess!!!!! i should have gone earlier :tdown:

    i bought 2 tees that were already on sale for 6.99 each ... but they're a size bigger than what i normally wear. i was hoping i could shrink them .. but probably not. perhaps ill go look around other gap stores and aim for an exchange?? :shrugs: i've got 30 days to return at least ...
  9. flagship on powell in SF is completely insane.
  10. It was super crazy in the Cherry Hill Mall store as well! Some sweet deals. Definately great for basics and winter staples.
  11. Any online GAP codes? I missed buying in the 30% promo recently and did not find my size in store today : (