$10,000 purse! Comic in Time Magazine

  1. Just got this magazine in the mail and I thought alot of us could relate to this comic, sorry for the blurriness:


    I especially like the ":cursing: A pen just exploded inside my $10,000 purse!!!" part! :roflmfao:
  2. ^ Haha..thanks for posting! It was a little too small so my eyes now look like this--> - -
  3. Haha ... that's really funny. I thought the part with the dog biting her bag and she was like "oh well" was hilarious! Now I know *I* would never react so calmly!
  4. It doesn't have to be a $10,000 purse for most of us to have a fit about an exploding pen! Funny! Thanks for posting.
  5. I can relate because just this afternoon when I was paying at Safeway, the cashier gave me a pen to sign the receipt and I accidently scraped the tip of the pen (ink side) against my Damier cles! I was like :cursing:! Thankfully it didn't leave any ink mark! :sweatdrop:

    Also, sometimes when I have my purse on the counter when I'm paying for something, and the cashier puts the pen down really close to my purse (ink side facing the purse) I'm like :cursing:. I have to be careful with that now, because one time my LV Antigua Bag almost got knicked!
  6. It could also be your lotion/cream that explodes or a water bottle that leaks! (That happened to my Azur Speedy a couple weeks ago).
  7. LOL. Thanks for sharing!
  8. :cursing: I had a pen explode in my 25$ purse and I went nuts :roflmfao:

    so its totally not just the 10k bags
  9. LOL, I got this magazine in the mail a few days ago, too! I love Time's Style additions! I also had a bottle of water leak in my Mono Speedy once and I flipped out...I can only imagine the horror of pen ink!!
  10. That was funny! Thanks.
  11. :roflmfao: I love it!!
  12. LOL!! I LOVE IT!!! :lol::lol::lol:
  13. I emailed it to my aunt and she liked it so much she printed it out! :lol:
  14. Just found out that my uncle printed out a copy and gave it to my aunt along with a Brighton Blue Hermes Birkin 35!

  15. Quite! :lol: