1 year of waiting patiently just for this....

  1. :woohoo:Hehee.. finally after thinking about it for almost 1 year (yah,you heard it right)... I got her and yay...i'm going to carry her to work tom!!!!!! By the way, I saw the Marina Speedy in Pink but it was too casual for my daily usage..nah...nice to look at though...pretty little piece

    Short update: during this 1 yr I did cheat on LV by vearing to other brand:shame:, but nothing (i repeat, NOTHING) can take my die-hard :heart: away from my LOUIS VUITTON~!!!!!!!! arrr........ its a true love indeed for my LV... and I also got to know a SA there who was soooo nice and she even gave me her personal contact number.... enjoy the pixs though you have seen it soo often...
    DSC00463.JPG DSC00464.JPG
  2. show us show us:nuts::nuts:
  3. the handles look like the Mini Lin Speedy, with the contrast stitching :graucho:
  4. Its really nothing fantastic folk...:sneaky: hang on while I prep my kids to bed 1st...
  5. darn, I was going to say that too :boxing:
  6. :popcorn:
  7. I better own up...heh heh.. else u gals will 'slaughter me for the suspense'...:p 1 pix of her with my MC fleur keyring and another 1 taken in the toilet...
    DSC00465.JPG DSC00466.JPG
  8. very nice ... congrats!
  9. Congrats!!
  10. :woohoo: beautiful
  11. Gorgeous bag and I love the keychain on it!
  12. congrats on your new purchase...
  13. Congrats on the bag!
  14. Congrats, well worth the wait!
  15. congrats! love it!