1 week cruises leaving from Miami?

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  1. Hi, tPF gals!

    A new guy and I want to meet in Miami this winter and take a 5 day or so cruise (round trip) from there.

    We are looking for a small ship since we don't want lots of entertainment, evening events, etc. We want to sail for the romance of it and dock in some fun and interesting places.

    Any recommendations for smaller cruise lines for this type of romantic adventure?

  2. Hmmm, out of Miami you're really only going to get the bigger lines like Royal, Celebrity, Norwegian and Carnival.

    There are some nice 4 day cruises on smaller Royal ships that go to Key West and Mexico.

    The best thing I would suggest is go to cruise.com. it's a travel agency, but you can search by port and get all of the cruises leaving from that port.

    Small ships are pretty hard to find nowadays and they tend to do more exotic and longer trips.

    You could check into chartering something, but that would likely cost a small fortune.

    I would recommend going for the bigger ships (good prices) and make the trip what you need it to be (i.e., romantic)!

    Let me know if you need any suggestions...I live in Miami and cruise a bit :smile:
  3. Why do you want to go on a small ship? You can have an amazing romantic time on a bigger ship plus it will also be cheaper on a bigger ship:smile: also check out cruise critic.com and plan in a dance to get good rates:smile: I love to cruise and I am planning a European cruise right now , looking at HOlland America Prinsedam and since it is a smaller ship the prices are def higher! :sad:
  4. I agree w/ the others. Only larger lines go out for the most part. Miami is a huge port though, so you can probably find a smaller ship of one of the main lines. You might check for cruises out of Port Canaveral or Tampa too. Sometimes smaller ships go out of those ports.

    Cruisesonly.com is also another good site to look at.
  5. If you want something romantic, be careful if you book with Carnival if it's going to be December. There is a Backstreet Boys cruise with 1200+ crazy screaming fans aboard from Dec 8 - 13. Haha, I should know because I'm so on it hahaha.

    That said, make sure to always ask whether the cruise ship you book will be a celebrity cruise. From what I heard, the cruise line doesn't always inform regular passengers. Good luck!
  6. I live in Miami and went to few cruises. Say no to Carnival if they will give it for free. For sure I would choose new Celebrity ship like Equinox or Solstice. It is like Ritz in ocean.
  7. Miami's port is a little smaller than Fort Lauderdale's, so keep that in mind. It's not that far away.

    You are NOT going to want to drive to Tampa (way TOO far) or even Port Canaveral (also 3-4 hours drive). You can get the same selection out of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.
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  8. These are great suggestions! Thank you!

    I will check out all websites named!
  9. I work in the industry (and no I'm not trying to sell you anything)

    ....PM me and I can do a search for you. I have access to all cruiselines/dates/ships

  10. ^^I have left from both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale ports. I preferred the Miami port because it was easier to park and get into the port without so much hassle. The one thing we didn't expect was to have to pay CASH for the parking PRIOR to leaving.

    When we left from Ft. Lauderdale, we had to take a shuttle over to our ship because it is much larger than Miami. We also didn't pay for parking until the end and I believe we used a credit card.

    Personally, I prefer to leave from the Miami Port. It was painless (at least my trip was).
  11. Now the parking at Miami makes you pay up front (at least they did in December)!