1 violet coin purse at Cultstatus!!!

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  1. I let it go because I thought it was a bit veiny but I know many ladies here love the veiny leather so gooooo! :tup:
  2. all the violet bags have been pretty distressed/veiny though.

    good luck on your search!!
  3. :nuts: OH! I want a violet coin purse so bad!!!!!
  4. they said its booked by a customer!
  5. Thanks south-of-france for letting go and so sorry caramelpancakes.:sad: It was reserved for me and I've jus purchased it. So excited now cos' I'm having the jaune mini coin purse as well. :smile:
  6. sigh...too slow as usual....
  7. Congrats, I'm glad it went to a PFer! :tup: They're quite expensive over there though, but probably the only place to get them...