1 trunk + 33 mini bags only 5 in the world

  1. ^ wow

    why 33 lil marlyin bags? what would you do with them?
  2. Thats :drool:

    It will cost between
    $1,700,000.00 HKD ($217,632.56 USD) TO $2,000,000.00 HKD ($256,038.311 USD )
  3. oh wow, the marilyn mini bags are gorgeous!!! where can I get one from!!!
  4. Drool!
  5. Wow!
  6. I think I'd like it if there were an assortment of mini bags, but of course that would probably triple the price.
    It's very neat tho!
  7. Wow:drool:
  8. pretty.
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, but why the hell would u want all those Marylins???:confused1:
  10. does anyone have a better picture of a marilyn?
  11. Cute, will those bags be released in the regular size?
  12. Wow!! Why would you need so many of the same bag though?? Seems very impractical!
  13. Very cute, but I agree...that's a lot of little bags. Is each one supposed to have different trim or something?
  14. I think it's 33 because you get one in each colour combo, & they have different coloured trims