1 trip to Macy's, 1 trip to the outlet, and 3 trips to the boutique

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  1. ...all in one week and i end up with this...
  2. Tease! What is it?? :p
  3. you baaaad!!! what's in there???
  4. open open open!!!!!!!

    We wanna see!!!!
  5. Wow~!!

    Need more pics!! Show show show!! :biggrin:
  6. Holy C**p! That's a lot of goodies! Open it! Open it!
  7. hehe ok heres what i got at Macy's....
    it was marked down 40% off +an additional 20% for the F&F cupon

    my mom returned a bag at the outlet and then
    when i saw these for $9.99 i couldnt pass em up...

    and my boutique purchases are coming up in a little bit :p
  8. Wow ~ what great buys!! I LOVE that watermelon charm!
  9. hmph whats with all the teasing lately ladies?

    Open them!!:graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Pretty please.....
  10. Just had to add ~ this is such a gorgeous pic!:drool:
  11. a little peek at what was inside the big boxes...
  12. such a tease! congrats on such a great haul!
  13. aw...don't be cruel....we wanna see what's in the big boxes!
  14. okay okay, no more teasing....


  15. OMG I am seriously having a heart attack! everything you bought is soo beautiful! me = jealous!!!! :cursing: :p :shame: :tup:

    ps I love those earings!! :love: