#1 Time Balenciaga Buyer..Advice needed!

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  1. I've always wanted a Balenciaga, but never really buckled down to get one. (My everyday Fendi just won't give up and let me replace her! :P)

    I recently saw one in Bordeaux and just fell in LOVE with the color. Only problem is that it's (obviously) no longer made. I'm okay with buying a pre-loved bag, but there seems to be a shortage of them, probably because they were made so long ago!

    My current HG would be a Bordeaux City, and I've been looking for a while! There's a Twiggy on Bonanzle in Bordeaux, but I'd much rather have a City.

    What would you do? Should I wait to see if a Bordeaux (Oxblood/Grenat would be okay) City comes along on a resale site? Just get the Bordeaux color but in another bag size? Wait and see the F/W colors?

    What are your thoughts on HG? Should I compromise or just wait it out until the right one comes along? If I got a Giant City in Raisin or Black, I would be ALMOST as happy, but not quite.

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I guess it really depends on how long you are willing to wait...? If you have patience and are diligent, I am sure you'll be able to find your Bordeaux City! Otherwise, I'd go for the City style in another color you like to suffice until you can get your Bordeaux!
  3. I actually see Bordeaux Cities popping up on eBay and other resale sites all the time. If you love the colour, I would suggest just waiting a bit for it to turn up. Good luck!
  4. I second MichK!
    they DO pop up, you just have to be bit patient :smile:
    if you can afford it you could buy a black bbag now to fulfill your immedeate bal-need :graucho:
    and maybe sell her when you find the bordeaux one later!
  5. You should buy the bag you really want, not what is second best:smile: I would not buy a Twiggy if I wanted a City, I would probably end up selling it! You should check ebay and bonanzle regurlarily and also realdealcollection.com and bagpassion.com.
  6. Agree with the above. If Bordeaux is the color you really love, you should stick with me. I sold my brand new Bordeaux City about a year ago, so there is hope that bag in brand new or mint condition still exists. You just have to check those auction sites or consignment stores daily to make sure you don't miss it.
  7. Agreed!!

    I use both styles but there is a big difference between a Twiggy and a City - especially if you carry more than a wallet.

    If you "settle" for a Bordeaux Twiggy, there's bound to be a City that comes up the next day!! Then, you'll either be reluctant to buy the City, or wind up with two Bordeaux bags. :smile:
  8. Just a reminder that discussion of current auctions/ private sales is not permitted.

    Also, no soliciting for bags that are long discontinued as per the rules.

    Thanks :smile:
  9. From experience, I would advise you to hold out and be patient and wait for the one you REALLY want.
  10. I definately would wait for the one you want...