1 ShopBop 20% off Code

  1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Use code CR7MNVXYZA24Q9 for 20% off your next purchase.*
    Code expires midnight CST on 12.31.2007.

    Enjoy :smile: I'm not going to get around to using this. Please post here after you've used the code!

    * = you can't use the code w/any other offers/codes.
  2. Thanks so much for posting. I tried to use it and got an error message ("Invalid Account") so either somebody used it already or it's tied to your account number. Thanks for posting though!!!
  3. Ohhh, I didn't think about that. Well, I hope someone got it!
  4. if anyone else has one and don't want to use it, can u pm me. Pretty please :smile:
  5. I thought this came up before in another thread, and the code had to be used by the e-mail account that received it. I had one too, and I was going to post it. After reading that other thread, I just used it. Can't let it go to waste, of course :smile:
  6. hah. i think mine will be going to waste :/ too bad you can't pass them along.. they'd still be making $.
  7. ^^ yeah. that sucks. :crybaby: