$1 Shipping @ Overstock.com


Sep 21, 2005
scratch that.. there's a fee to be a part of "club o" which will get you the $1 shipping. On the other hand if you are a frequent shopper of overstock.com it might be worth it to join. The benefits of it are 5% off every order and $1 shipping each time. They have one for $29.99 for a year and a special holiday one from time of purchase until December 31, 2005 for $9.99


Oct 8, 2005
Indiana USA
For 29.99 and 5% off an order, to get your money's worth you'd have to spend over $600 per year. That's why I won't join Barnes & Nobles' book club - $25 dollars with a ten percent discount, you have to spend $250 per year there to get your money's worth.

Ten percent of $250 is $25 - your membership fee. Whatever you spend over that, you will get 10% savings on.

Same with Overstock. 5% of $600 is $30 - your membership fee. The money you spend over that will get a 5% discount. 5%, I remind you, is $5 off $100. Not worth it unless you are a huge buyer!