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  1. Hi girls~

    I am having a difficult choice of deciding what to buy with my NM gift card.
    I was originally thinking to choose from charlotte olympia kitty flat or chanel flat, but after the rename of YSL and the rumor of discontinued BDJ clutch, I am putting BDJ clutch into my consideration list too.

    So can you guys give me some suggestion which i should go for?
    charlotte olympia kitty flat, classic chanel flat, or dove beige BDJ ysl clutch!!!!
  2. I say go and have a look at them, try them on, and have a feel.
  3. I agree, you should go and take a look at them. If you haven't seen all three in person, your decision might drastically change when you do. Personally, I would get the Chanel flats. Chanel always has price increase and their shoes are ultra-classic, high quality and extremely comfortable.

    I like the kitty flats A LOT but at their price point the Chanel is a better long-term investment.

    In terms, of the YSL bag, I am not a fan, But since they are discontinuing it you might want to get it? I would look at it as all three being discontinued hypothetically LOL This way i would get what I know I couldn't live without! ;)
  4. Thanks LadySapphire and layd3k

    I have looked at chanel flat and the clutch already, but not kitty flat because it is sold out everywhere!!!
    But I absolute love the kitty flat bec I have a cat myself and i am crazy about all cat stuff.
    I just found couldn't really adjust myself to pay that much for a fashionable IT shoe? ;)

    I am trying to make worthy purchase from my $300 gc :lol: