1 or 2 page per week calendar/agenda help needed

  1. I've been searching the reference threads and general H forum trying to sort out the world of H agendas. I *think* what I am looking for is a GM Globetrotter.

    - I want an agenda that will show a week on 1 or 2 pages
    - I don't intend to use it as a wallet
    - I don't care if it zips closed or not
    - I don't care if it comes with a pen or not
    - I tend to like larger, rather than smaller, agendas

    Agenda aficionados, does the Globetrotter sound right?

    If I am missing another great option, please advise!

    (any photos of your great agenda are most welcome)
  2. I'm looking forward to responses too. As I'm looking for pretty much the same thing. ;):p
  3. Yup, if you like larger agendas, the Globetrotter is a good choice. I believe there is an even larger one that is more suitable for desk use. It did get a little heavy for me in my handbag so I downsized to the Vision which is checkbook size and works for me better. Here are some pics of my Globetrotter Zip--With the two hook option, you can insert a blank book insert, and calendar insert; the address book and year view calendar will slip into the back pocket. The zippered Globetrotter has CC slots and a small post-it holder and a center pen loop (very small) whereas the open one just has two slots--one on the inside of each cover. From your description it sounds like the open one will be just fine for you. I highly recommend getting a Carmencita bookmark to hook onto the calendar---I love using it to mark where I am versus tearing the little corners. HTH!
    CIMG2259.jpg CIMG2258.jpg CIMG2260.jpg
  4. Here you go piaffe
    Globe-trotter VS the Adaptable Annuel.
    I'm old school, technologically amish, I live with my annuel. I use the globe trotter as a go between. Both are one week on 2 pages. The refill for the annuel is only available through Paris by mail. Size: GT closed 7 1/2 by 5 in. Annuel 9 by 6 3/4 in. the size of each day per week is really close but I just love the annuel.** Can someone tell me if the one is blue jean? TIA
    annuels closed.jpg annuels open.jpg
  5. I have a Vision agenda in Barenia. I love the size, it's big enough for everything I need but still not too big for me to drag it around with me. I'm not a technophobe but I love using a good old-fashioned agenda.

    If you want, can post some pictures just as soon as photobucket stops playing up :rolleyes:
  6. orchids...you are too good at this! I think I have crowned you the agenda specialist!:queen: ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!!
  7. LOL--KB...the experience didn't come without cost let me tell you! Even, then there are so many little subtleties to these agendas that it's great if you can get to the store to find out all insert and cover options.
  8. Orchids and Encore Hermes - thank you both so much! (I take it Encore's Annuel is the larger one you mentioned, Orchids?)

    Loony - I'd love to see photos for comparison!

    I think the Globetrotter is it for me, but it sounds like the Vision could be another option. I will have to go to the boutique and check both out! Agenda options are confusing, and the Toronto boutique tends to have a smallish assortment. It's great to have an idea of what I want!

    p.s. Does anyone know recent price ranges for plain leather Globetrotter vs. Vision?
  9. Orchids - is this the open one you are referring to?


    Do you remember the price difference for yours (zip with cc slots)?
  10. Piaffe, yup, that's the open one, and the Globetrotter back then was around $1,475 or $1,600 with the zip--I can't remember which...a HUGE price difference between zipped and open. If you go for the zip, see if you can find one on eBay to get a better deal.

    I am loving my open Vision at the moment---although I paid about an extra $100-$200 ($670ish versus $420 per the website) so that the inside back cover had credit card slots (there are open models with or without--the H-site shows the Vision without-
    Then you can pick ones with one hook or two hooks...it gets complicated. Those two slots on the inside front cover of the Vision is used for loose leaf paper. I'll try and take a shot of my Vision for you in a bit.
  11. Wow - that's pricey! I think I will stick to the open version, or a vision.

    I'd love to see pictures!

    (and thanks for this help!)
  12. piaffe - Great thread!!! I had many agenda questions too. These ladies are so H educated.

    orchids - I love your agenda.
  13. Piaffe...I am on the same quest! I was afraid the Vision would be too small and difficult to write in. But WHOA! The Globetrotter is a wee bit pricey! I think for now I will go with the Vision too! Thanks for this thread since I had alot of the same questions!
  14. Yup, the zip seems to really add to the price, I imagine it's all that extra stitching that's required. The agendas without the zip on the other hand are very reasonably priced, imo. Mine was actually cheaper than the Vuitton one I was thinking of getting in the past :wtf: Considering that my store also had some in Barenia that I fell in love with instantly it was pretty much a no-brainer for me

    I love the look of bigger sizes but I wanted something that I could carry with me and Vision fits perfectly into the pocket of my 35 birk as well as into even smaller non-H bags like Chanels without being too small.

    Anyway, photobucket is back on so here are some pics





    Definitely go to the shop and and ask to see a good selection. H does them in so many different sizes, colours, leathers etc etc.
  15. Loony - thanks for the photos and info!

    I think this settles it: it's between the globetrotter (no zip!) and the vision (possibly with cc slots in the back). It will come down to a "walk off" in the store!