1 & Only City Classique Bag Royal Blue EBay 05? Please Hurry!

  1. did you buy this, she? at first i thought it was fall 05 navy, which would have been overpriced - but now i think it's spring 05 indigo (as the tag suggests) which is a great color and closer to being worth the price (even though it's a tad high, imo)
  2. she, did you get this lovely bag?!
  3. Seller is saying it is a Royal Blue :idea: however, when I looked it up on atelier.naff - color swatches, I can not find the color of Royal Blue. Yes I did purchase this bag. But have not paid for it as of yet. I want to make sure that it is everything the description reads.

    What color is this ladies? Royal Blue or Indigo? I am still a babe in the woods so need your expertise.

    Would be lost without you all.
    Thanks much!
  4. I think it is indigo (though not sure). Lovely color. Price is not bad (as Zeke said, maybe a tad high).
  5. I think it is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  6. i looked again at the listing - not only does the paper tag suggest it's a spring 05 bag, but so does the metal tag in the bag. i conclude it's indigo, which is a great and desirable color!
  7. what a gorgeous blue! congrats to the winner!
  8. Good job, that's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I believe its INDIGO!!! Yay...what a beautiful bag! Congrats she!
  10. Beautiful bag!!! I am so jealous!! Congrats on your find.
  11. it's a lovely colour, i just sold mine on ebay few days ago.
  12. its def indigo, i love mine to bits
  13. Yup! A very pretty indigo city :smile:
  14. Congrats She! Looks very pretty!